Amano API Integrations

Amano McGann supports the integration of third-party reservation and coupon aggregators as well as command center applications through our Cloud API. This interface enables parking facilities to subscribe to one or more standardized APIs that connect with pre-paid reservations from third-party aggregators such as SpotHero or facilitate command center applications like Parker Technology and Umojo. Contact us for a complete list of available API integrators for each of our product lines.

Analytics / Business Intelligence

Amano McGann and Smarking have partnered to provide our clients with real-time data on your operation’s key performance statistics via seamless connectivity between Amano’s PARCS and Smarking’s groundbreaking business intelligence and yield management software solution. Review real-time and historical occupancies, revenues, durations of stay, and a myriad of other data and benefit from actionable insights and data-driven business decisions.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Amano McGann has integrated our PARCS solutions with license plate recognition (LPR) technology to support frictionless parking applications, increase vehicle throughput, reduce fraud attempts as well as enhance garage security. The system can pair a transient entry ticket with a patron’s license plate, making lost tickets a thing of the past. If the ticket is paid at a central payment station, the patron can rapidly and seamlessly exit the facility as there is no need to interact with the lane equipment. For contract parkers, a vehicle license plate number can be utilized as an access credential for expedited ingress and egress of the parking facility. The system can also support alerts if specified license plates are detected in the system.

Parking Guidance

Amano McGann interfaces with a variety of parking guidance systems, including ParkAssist and Nortech to provide advanced wayfinding solutions. By implementing signage and lighted fixtures, customers are seamlessly guided to available spaces, enhancing the overall customer experience while reducing emissions and increasing facility utilization.

Security & Access Control

Amano McGann PARCS offers integration with a comprehensive line of access solutions to help protect your facility and assets. Incorporate building access systems, biometric readers, IP cameras, video management, and surveillance systems to improve operations, enhance customer service, and take control of your facility.

Contact an Amano McGann Representative for details on any of our third-party solutions.